Hankook K105 Ventus Prime review

Hankook K105Its Hankook developed Silica compound formulation provides better grip performance and low rolling resistance for better performance, especially on wet roads with it improved grip and traction.
I remember selling the k105 to a Megatyre customer who had restored a 1963 Sunbeam Tiger V8. Its almost unbelievable, but the car was originally shod in size 155 r13 tyres! Imagine that with a 4.5 litre V8 under the bonnet! This car ended up with mags and was fitted with 195 50 15 k105s and has since seen quite a few miles, on and off the track.
Significantly the Hankook K105’s cope extremely well with the Sunbeam Tigers torque and power and have tamed the beast on and off the track; and they will work wonders on your high performance front wheel drive vehicle too!


  1. Peggy says

    Is this some sort of eco tyre which is kinder on the environment? I have seen what I guess are japanese import cars with tyres that have eco saving messages on their sides.

    So I am just wondering if this is one too?

    • admin says

      The K105 is a very modern fuel saving tyre but is not really a eco tyre like the Hankook “Enfren” which is a true eco tyre.

  2. Don 88 says

    Heck, there are just so many tyres availble these days it is getting hard to choose. There must be 100”s of brands. This seems a good tyre, but how does anyone know?

    I remember back say 10 years, there were only say 6 to 8 brands, it was easier to decide back then.

    • admin says

      Ok, I guess the best awnser here is that Hankook is a very well managed, highly repected comapny company with deep technical and quality control resources. It has been in businessfor many years.

  3. Johnnie says

    Is this tyre suitable for my Ford Falcon? I mostly do city and motorway driving and just drive inter city about 4 times a year.

    • admin says

      Sure, the K105 is suitable for Ford Falcons. But if the K105 is not available in the size required by your Falcom, you may need to select either the K114 or the K107 asymmetric tyre patterns.

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