Wheel Alignment

Megatyre recommends an alignment check be performed at least once a year, or after installing each new set of tyres. Wheel alignment, in the simplest form, is adjusting the angles (camber & toe) of the vehicle’s wheels.

Each of the vehicle’s wheels should be parallel with each other and perpendicular to the road. When these angles are within manufacturer specifications, it will ensure the tyres will wear evenly and drive straight. A properly aligned vehicle will increase the life of your tyres, suspension, steering system, and provide better handling and improved petrol mileage. Your vehicle will be easier and more pleasant to drive.

Alignment and wheel balancing are often confused as the same thing. While it is true that both deal with the vehicle’s ride and handling, they each solve different problems. Balancing usually deals with a vibration issue, where as alignment deals with uneven tyre wear, steering, or tracking problems.

Your alignment can be affected by numerous factors including accident damage, potholes, hitting kerbs, faulty suspension components, or normal vehicle wear and tear. When a vehicle is out of alignment many problems can occur, some of these issues include accelerated or uneven tyre wear, the vehicle pulling left or right, vehicle wandering, or a crooked steering wheel. Correctly setting the vehicle’s alignment to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications  will ensure the tyres will be able to perform to specification. Megatyre’s alignment technicians use ultra modern, three dimensional Italian wheel alignment equipment to ensure precise measurements and adjustments.

Megatyre can align your vehicle 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. It is a good idea to prebook this service as we can only do one alignment at a time.

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